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Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Refined Sugar Free

Making the most of our passion for creating nutritionally balanced dishes, we combine high quality fresh ingredients together in a harmonious way. Our all day menu embodies seasonality and fresh foods, eradicating inflammatory ingredients like gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Our luxury meal prep Manchester services incorporate the same healthy eating values seen within our healthy food restaurant. Balanced meals full of flavour that you can savour at home.

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The Benefits of Exercise on Body Confidence

30 April, 2021

Exercising works in a multitude of ways to uplift our confidence levels through various mechanisms, both physical and mental. Explore how the benefits of exercise also have a positive influence on body confidence with us.

The Art of Developing Delicious Recipes Using Science

27 April, 2021

We keep up with the latest in nutritional science so we can keep creating the healthiest free from recipes. Our multifaceted approach to nutrition enhances each dish with flavour and nutrition. Read about how.

A Remedy ‘Easter Egg’: Vegan Alternatives to Eggs

19 April, 2021

There are plenty of reasons people want to follow a plant based diet, and thankfully, plenty of things that make it much easier for us to do. There are tons of egg substitutes for vegans to use in both cooking and baking. Read our latest blog post on how vegans can still benefit from the nutritious properties found in eggs, but with healthier alternatives.

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Creator of the Remedy Kitchen concept, Katie McIntosh, found purpose in dedicating years of study towards nutritious eating. One of the best healthy restaurants in Manchester, we are passionate about the health benefits associated with improving your diet with natural foods. Our delicious recipes are packed with fresh, nutritious ingredients that make healthy eating convenient for all. Give your diet a health boost with our vitamin rich dishes. We now also offer our luxury meal prep plans in MCR.

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With Remedy, we set out to change eating habits for the better. Altering the misconception that healthy, nutritious food is expensive or time consuming to add flavour to, we've been working on changing these perceptions since day one. Our healthy Manchester restaurant has transformed the lifestyles of many, simply due to our honest approach to nutritious eating. We're passionate about changing minds when those changes lead to healthy people.

As such, the Remedy blog focuses on nutritive education, mental health and food science. We also release our healthy free from recipes from time to time, for sweet treats enriched with flavour or balanced summer salads.

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Luxury Meal Prep Plans: The latest addition to Remedy's balanced menu. Meal prep plans that make healthy eating easy are now available from our meal prep shop, with Manchester delivery.

Corporate Membership: Keep your workforce healthy with an exclusive 15% discount for your business to use in-store or on the order-ahead app.

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