A Remedy ‘Easter Egg’: Vegan Alternatives to Eggs

19 April, 2021

            A Remedy ‘Easter Egg’: Vegan Alternatives to Eggs

How vegans can still benefit from the nutritious properties found in eggs, but with healthier alternatives.

Eggs have long been associated with Easter, with the symbolic resonance they hold continuing to permeate many aspects of the Easter holiday today. Today, however, there is more of a discourse on the importance of plant-based and vegan diets. If not only for the surmounting growth of concern for animal welfare, but for health reasons too. The traditional Easter egg gift as we know it is crafted in hollowed-out chocolate, though there are plenty of vegan alternatives to these gifts now available.

In this Remedy ‘Easter egg,’ we’re discussing the savoury version of the egg – and considering the various alternatives that those following a plant-based diet can make the most of.

Nutritious Vegan Alternatives to Eggs

Whether chicken eggs or another poultry-laid version, eggs are frequently used as a staple ingredient in many dishes both sweet and savoury. Eggs do have plenty of nutritional properties, hence why they have been eaten for millennia. They are a rich source of protein, and a relatively inexpensive food that most cultures have assimilated into their most favoured recipes. Alongside being high in protein, eggs also contain iron and magnesium, two minerals crucial for the maintenance of our health.

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Is Avoiding Eggs Healthier?

Some prefer to avoid eggs due to their vegan lifestyle, and for others, not eating eggs is a necessity. Avoiding eggs is healthier for some people, for the following reasons:

  • Egg Allergies
    Many people are allergic to types of eggs as they are a common allergen. The most common symptoms of egg intolerance include skin inflammation, hay fever-like symptoms like sneezing, and digestive issues. In some people eggs can lead to the onset of an asthma attack or more minor symptoms related to asthma, such as wheezing or an inability to take a deep breath.

  • Risk of Illness from Eggs
    Eggs can harbour some harmful illnesses if not cooked properly, such as salmonella (food poisoning). The elderly, pregnant women, infants and those with reduced immune system function are more at risk of developing serious complications related to salmonella.

  • Eggs & High Cholesterol
    Eggs are high in cholesterol, and so those more at risk of heart disease or coronary issues may prefer to avoid eating eggs. Despite this, the risk of cholesterol from eggs is not too high; and the risk of saturated fats are higher.

  • Eggs & Cancer
    Eating more eggs has unfortunately been linked to an 81% increase in the risk of developing prostate cancer. Eggs were also found to increase mortality rates of those with prostate cancer. Eggs have also been linked to other forms of cancers, such as colon cancer.

  • Diabetes & Egg Consumption
    High fat diets are commonly known to be a leading factor in the development of insulin resistance. People who eat more eggs have been found to be 68% more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes.

  • Ulcerative Colitis
    People with medical issues like ulcerative colitis find they should avoid certain foods due to the specific bacteria that tend to be found within them. The bacteria found in certain foods like meat, eggs and fish, has the potential to make the condition flare up in some patients.

In the aforementioned groups of people, cooking with vegan alternatives for eggs may be a much safer option. You can still derive the same amount of protein and nutrients from substitutes for eggs.


Vegan Egg Substitutes for Baking & Cooking

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Eggs are often ‘required’ in baking recipes as their gelatinous consistency is great as a binder for various ingredients. Despite this, we’ve come up with some amazing alternatives for eggs to use in baking and cooking. Many of these egg substitutes are the ones used in Remedy’s range of sweet treats, and anyone who has tried them will account for the fact they taste no less delicious! Try our Vegan Chocolate Brownies for a taste of the goodness yourself.


Ground down flaxseeds are a healthy vegan replacement for eggs in cooking. You’ll need to add 3 tbsp of water to your ground flaxseeds and whisk together. Refrigerate this mixture for around quarter of an hour. After this point, your flaxseed egg replacement should now be gooey and egg-like, ready to add into your recipe.


Similar to eggs, bananas are low calorie (relative to their nutritional values) and full of phytonutrients and vitamin C. Great if you love the banana flavour, though not such a preferable substitute for eggs if you do not. The best way to use bananas as a replacement for eggs is to puree the bananas, replacing each egg with a quarter cup of pureed banana. Think banana bread!

Chia Seed

Each chia seed is tiny, though packs a nutritious punch. Chia seeds have plenty of fibrous nutrients, as well as being a vegan source of omega 3 fatty acids. They’re known as excellent substitutes for eggs due to their high protein content. In contrast to eggs, however, they can actually lower our blood sugar and have a great impact on digestion due to fibre – even in those who have intestinal diseases. Every egg in your recipe can be substituted with 1 full tbsp of powdered chia seeds mixed with water until the consistency becomes thick like a gel.

Agar Agar

Made from a type of seaweed, agar agar is a commonly used vegan replacement for eggs in cooking and baking due to its jelly-esque texture. You can find agar agar in a powdered form in most wholefood shops and supermarkets. Mix 1 tbsp of powder agar agar with equal parts hot water. The mixture should become like a froth once you’ve cooled it down in the fridge. You’ll find it helps bind ingredients like flour together well, and it’s also great for our digestive health.

Apple Sauce

Non-sweetened apple sauce can be an excellent vegan substitute for eggs. Apple sauce is made easily by peeling, de-coring and boiling apples down until they create a puree. Since apple sauce can result in your end dish feeling a bit dense in consistency, you can add baking powder to lighten your apple sauce egg substitute recipes. You can always sweeten up the apple sauce as you prefer depending on the recipe you’re using.


A Remedy Easter Egg: Vegan Replacements for Eggs | Vegan Egg Substitute | Plant Based Egg Alternatives for Cooking | Egg Free Recipes

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