Covid19 Protocols to Keep You Safe

16 March, 2020

            Covid19 Protocols to Keep You Safe

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Hand sanitiser to be offered as a standard to all customers.

  • Any team member who is showing symptoms of illness has been instructed to inform Management immediately and stay away from the premises, and if applicable, will need to be tested and proven clear of Coronavirus prior to returning to work.

  • Increase in the frequency of deep cleans within the premises for both the front of house and back of house departments.

  • Increase in daily cleaning practice & hygiene measures already in action during operational hours.

  • Introduction of clean air filters constantly in use around the premises to kill airborne bacteria, making us one of the purest air environments in the city.

  • A change in opening hours introduced as of 16/3/2020from 9am-5pm every day to allow for additional staff cover throughout the day, ensuring we can always keep the premises as clean and hygienic as possible.

  • Handheld devices / mobile phones / watches / headphone and jewellery are not permitted under any circumstances in food preparation departmentsas they are a high risk for bacterial carrying.

  • Tables within the premises must be cleaned and disinfected between every customer use.

  • Customer toilets are checked, cleaned & disinfected every hour.

  • Grab and go boxes are sold in tamperproof packaging to protect from airborne bacteria.

  • All team members instructed to wash hands thoroughly and increase the frequency of hand-washing during the working day and increase personal hygiene measures at home.

  • The Royal Exchange Arcade [our location] has introduced an action plan if anyone is suspected to have Coronavirus which has been shared with the Remedy team in the event of an emergency.

  • Introduction in the coming weeks of meal delivery service so that our customers who may wish to limit exposure can do so whilst still enjoying our health focused food.

  • Introduction of an immunity boosting smoothie range to be launched in March to help you combat any illnesses and stay in optimal health.