Glow from within by changing this one thing...

20 February, 2019

            Glow from within by changing this one thing...

You can dramatically improve the way you feel, move, sleep, look and think as of today by choosing to head to 3Squared for your lunch - Manchester’s 1st food offering that has dedicated itself to helping you reduce the amount of inflammatory foods you consume, diminishing sugar cravings, banishing bloating, fatigue & brain fog.
The concept comes from Katie McIntosh and Andy McGlynn, “two of the most knowledgeable ‘nutrition oracles’ in the city.” (L’Oreal Blackett, Body Confidential).
Forget protein boxes & calorie counting. 3 Squared is all about re-eductaing its customers in the lost are of “intuitive eating”.
[Fat loss = calories in vs. calories out]
is a one-dimensional approach adopted by a myriad of fitness professionals, but we survived & thrived for many years without this equation.
While this little phrase is widely promoted and continues to be purported as the holy grail of fat loss from many personal trainers, the health and wellbeing of the population continues its decline with obesity & diabetes on the rise, as well as conditions such as IBS, PCOS, adrenal fatigue [find out more about adrenal fatigue in this article by Andy McGlynn, featured in PT Confidential], intolerances and allergies increasing in prominence.
To only consider calories is to underestimate the complexity of the digestive system and endocrine system.
What happens on the outside is in direct correlation to the health of your insides, and that all starts with what you choose to put in your body each day.
Do you ever tune in to how you feel at certain times of the day?
 The post-lunch slump is a very real phenomenon. What’s happening here is that your body is struggling to digest and assimilate what you have just given to it. A large chunk of your remaining energy must therefore be used to facilitate this process, leaving you feeling tired and drained. All the while, you’ll remain bloated while your stomach enzymes struggle to break down ingredients like gluten and dairy that are notoriously difficult to digest.
Every meal is an opportunity to repair damage caused by stress, replete cells and balance hormone… or not - as is sadly the case for so many. So, while you may have had a “low calorie” lunch, your natural energy expenditure, cognitive ability & the bodys ability to restore itself is impacted in varying degrees.


3 Squared Grab and Go Brunch


For any of you who suffer with eczema, itching or bad skin, this is likely your body’s way of telling you that it’s irritated by something that you’re eating. Aching joints and osteoporosis can also be aggravated by what you eat. Diets that are extremely high in animal protein(meat/dairy), gluten and refined sugar can be a culprit here as they contribute to an acidic environment. The body combats this by encouraging your bones to release calcium which works to neutralise & maintain blood PH.


3 Squared’s meals are all freshly prepared our city centre cafe kitchen, omitting ingredients that cause inflammation, bloating and fatigue. With meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, you certainly wont be missing out, but rather glowing from the inside-out.

Choose from:
Chickpea, butternut and black rice bowl £6.50
Lentil and bean bowl £6.50
Chicken nourish bowl £6.95
Or select anything from the hot food menu and enjoy a deliciously dairy free coffee while you wait. Your meal will arrive bagged and ready to go for your trip back to the office.

While you’re here, don’t forget to peruse the selection of “free-from” sweet treats, all made free of gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar.