Plant Based Updates for the Undecided

30 September, 2019

            Plant Based Updates for the Undecided

Plant based diets are often discussed, but are you taking action? It may be a big leap for those of you who haven't even tried being veggie before; but going plant based is more than just a dietary choice.

It's more like a lifestyle, a considerate way of being where you know you're not putting more damage into already strained systems.

Many people struggle with staying plant based when it comes to breakfast. We have cereals with milk, toast with butter, milk in our coffees... Despite these dairy filled breakfast 'must-haves' - there are now some amazing dairy alternatives for you to get your hands on if you're thinking about going plant based. Read on to discover more about what we're doing to make plant based living easy.

Plant Based Breakfasts in Manchester

To start your day off right, we're making sure all our customers are getting a healthy and filling breakfast.

At the Remedy Kitchen Manchester, we've been taking the time to upgrade our (totally gluten free and dairy free) menu. We have invested tonnes more time into our breakfast menu, ensuring you get everything your body needs for a successful day. The flavourful new breakfast recipes we came up with made all the effort worth it. Introducing some of our new breakfast boosters...

Try going meat-free with our Dairy Free Porridge or Coconut Yoghurt Bowl. Both make fast, filling and easy breakfasts, made with 100% natural ingredients.

Plant Based Breakfast Manchester | Dairy Free Cafe Manchester | Dairy Free Coffee Manchester Remedy Kitchen

Plant based diets are actually having a bit of a 'moment.' Of course, at Remedy, we hope this phase lasts. The fact is, plant based eating is just much healthier.

It's not just healthy for our bodies. Here's a little information on why plant based diets are the way forward.

Plant Based Goodness is On The Rise...

In a recent BBC article, 107 leading scientists have concluded that in order to prevent climate change, switching the population to a diet consisting of predominantly plant-based ingredients could be the most impacting solution. It doesn't mean cutting out meat altogether, but a reduction in consumption will go a long way for both the planet and your HEALTH.

An easy & sustainable swap for you is replacing dairy with plant based milks and yoghurts, usually made from nuts or seeds.

Our top tip for choosing plant based ingredients:

Choose the cleanest products from brands that are free from stabilisers & additives. At Remedy, we only use the finest ingredients in our recipes. We do this in order to stand by our continued promise; serving up only the healthiest possible foods that you'll really feel the benefits from.

While we offer a range of foods to suit all dietary preferences in our Manchester cafe / restaurant, we are entirely dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free. So whether you're opting for a plant based dish or a healthy chicken recipe, you know we're serving only the best possible ingredients that will nourish you from within.

Dairy Free Since Day One

In building Remedy, we've been lucky enough to have a crowd of very loyal customers that we've seen on a regular basis throughout the years. We have always been pleased to notice improvements in their energy, skin, body composition and overall health - through nutritional choices alone.

When we started out, we knew we wanted to bring something new to Manchester. With all our nutritional knowledge and experience in mind, the Remedy Kitchen made the bold yet courageous move to embrace an entirely dairy free status since day one. This was done with the creation of a completely dairy free menu (which is also a gluten free menu!) that makes the most of the dairy free alternatives out there.

Out of commitment to our customers health, we only stock the leading premium brand of plant based milk - Rude Health. Their dairy free milk is both delicious and nutritious, packed with everything you need from normal milk. It's the only milk alternative that we stick by.

In the Remedy cafe, Cashew, Coconut, Oat and Almond Milks are always available for any of your desired drinks. From Flat Whites to Matcha Lattes, we'll make it right. Your drink, your way.


Find out more about going dairy free...

Going Dairy Free | Remedy kitchen Manchester Dairy Free Cafe Plant Based Recipes

The improvements to our customers' overall health, complexion and body composition we've noticed have truly demonstrated just how much going dairy free can have a great impact. If you'd like to read more about the benefits of going dairy free, take a look at the Remedy blog.


What Does Being Plant Based Mean for Business?

Well, in a nutshell, it means we that as a business we pay up to 90% more for our ingredients than standard cafes and restaurants. This is because our movement is pioneering the way for other operators to eventually move in the same direction.

We use only the best ingredients in our kitchen, so it makes sense that there's a bit of a price to pay for that promise. As long as we're sticking to our philosophy in serving nutritiously enriching dishes that delight, we're happy. You might be left wondering about the impact this has on our profit margins. Here's why we do it...

"Someone has to be brave, accept the tight margins and stand by what's good for health - even if it means lower profits.

We do what we do out of passion, and in time, others will be in position to do the same."

- The Remedy Kitchen

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About the Author

The Remedy Kitchen concept and ethos was created by Katie McIntosh, Remedy Kitchen’s co-founder and Managing Director.
Katie is a specialist in Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders & Obesity, and has completed an expanding range of wellbeing-centric qualifications to date, including Detox Specialist, Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition, Performance Enhancement Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and BSc Psychology. Katie is also a member of the British Psychological Society.
Having first launched her career as a fitness professional back in 2015, Katie realised her passion for helping others use nutrition to elevate their health could be put to better use. It was this realisation, along with the identification of a stark gap in the market , that inspired the Remedy Kitchen concept into what it is today.