Soul Warming & Seasonal Detox Soups to Keep You Cosy

15 February, 2021

            Soul Warming & Seasonal Detox Soups to Keep You Cosy

As the Manchester weather continues to keep us wrapped up warm, we’re embracing the comforts offered by indulging in a hot bowl of seasonal soup.

Throughout the winter months, a soothing, hearty soup can work wonders for the mind – and body. It’s the traditional winter go-to food, as an easy way to add a health kick to our routine. With minimal prep time and the use of vitamin rich seasonal vegetables, soup is the ideal February winter warmer.

Soups are great detoxification meals, cleansing our systems from the inside out. Using seasonal vegetables is ideal when making detox soup recipes, as the nutritional content of fresh vegetables is much higher than their imported, off season counterparts.

Looking for some soup making recipe inspiration to keep warm, or trying to find the best soups by restaurants in Manchester? In this guide to soul warming seasonal soups, we’ll take a look at the local produce in the UK around this time of year. We’ll also discuss the health benefits of soup detoxes and how they work to cleanse the body.


Delicious Healthy Soup Recipes, Perfect for Diet and Soup Detox Recipes

Why is it Important to Eat Seasonal Vegetables?

While the golden age of convenience is right at our fingertips with 24 hour grocery shops stocking fruit and veg produce delivered from all over the world, there are healthier ways to make sure we’re getting our 5 a day.

Many of us don’t take the time to pause and consider the processes involved in making non-seasonal fruit and vegetables available to us all year round. The fact is, however, that importing off season fruit and veg from abroad comes with a handful of sustainability and ethical implications. The food we consume in the UK has been found to travel over 30 billion kilometres to make its way to our tables, every year. The impact this has on our country’s carbon footprint as a whole is enough reason for concern.

On an ethical note, we may imagine that the low income countries who harvest these crops are benefitting from our demand of non seasonal produce. This isn’t always the case. While our demand does generate more farming jobs and potential to invest in local infrastructure, large areas of land are required to grow crops. This has the unfortunate ramification of leaving local people with challenges in finding space for their own farming land and homes. Alongside this, crops also need vast amounts of water to thrive. This is an issue due to national water shortages, intense locational temperatures and potential droughts in areas growing our off season veg.

Sticking to seasonal fresh produce can be an inspiring way to start trying out new foods, while absorbing their many nutritional benefits.

Seasonal Vegetables in February are Ideal for Detox Soup Recipes

Working with all fresh ingredients keeps us on our toes following the seasonal growth patterns of local organic veg. Here are our nutritional insights into some of the seasonal vegetables we’re making the most of in the Remedy kitchen this month:

  • Beetroot
    Betacyanin, the plant pigment responsible for beetroot’s purple colour, may suppress the development of certain cancers. Beetroot are also anti-inflammatory diuretics, full of fibre and folate, as well as the digestive system supporting amino acid glutamine. These Remedy favourites are even reported to improve exercise performance.
  • Bell Peppers
    Luckily for us, bell peppers in all colours are grown fresh this month. Rich in antioxidants and known for being the most efficient source of vitamin C, peppers maintain healthy cells and blood vessels, combatting the effects of cold weather on our bodies. Our roasted tomato, red pepper and lentil soup is packed with nutritional benefits for that energy restoring winter detox diet.

  • Carrots
    A renowned locally grown veg, carrots are full of carotenoids and anthocyanins. These are antioxidants that improve heart health, while the potassium content in carrots stabilises blood pressure.

  • Cruciferous Vegetables – Cabbage, Kale, Purple Broccoli and Sprouts
    One of our favourites at Remedy Kitchen Manchester, kale is one of the most nutritionally dense foods. Vitamin C in these tasty greens can prevent colds, while vitamin A boosts the immune system. Healthy antioxidants quercetin and kaempferol, as well as folate and essential minerals such as potassium and calcium, are all found in many of these veg. The local prevalence of seasonal leafy greens is also one of the key reasons it’s rare for UK adults to be deficient in vitamin K, a useful blood clotting and wound healing nutrient.
  • Allium Vegetables – Leeks and Onion
    Onions are a staple for many nutritional recipes, not only for their flavour enhancing taste but their health benefits, too. Onion and leek are found to support heart health while making great detoxifying foods due to their considerable sulfur content. Their anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties (specifically quercetin) have a positive impact on the immune system and can even reduce the severity of asthma symptoms.

The Most Nutritious Foods to use in Your Soup Detox Diet Recipes
Healthy Seasonal Vegetables to use in Soup Detox Recipes

How Does a Winter Soup Detox Work?

As it turns out, February is the ideal time to try a soup detoxification diet. At this point in the year, we’ve been experiencing cold weather for months, while the coldest day of the year is mid February. Cold weather has long been found to weaken our immune systems. This is due to reduced vitamin D levels that can be caused by a lack of exposure to sun. In winter, the cold air and humidity levels can also drop by 20%.

Cold, dry air causes upper respiratory tract blood vessels to tighten, as the body tries to retain heat energy. This puts additional strain on our hearts, as a shocking 53% more heart attacks happen during UK winters. The narrowing of these vessels means platelets such as white blood cells struggle to make their way around the body efficiently, making it difficult for immune systems to fight off germs and bacteria.

A soup detox cleanse works as the body is primarily ingesting finely pureed or blended vegetables for a few days. The easy to digest nature of these pulverised vegetables means your body can focus its energy on absorbing the nutrients within each spoonful. Studies support the benefits of regular soup intake, as soup consumption has a much lower dietary energy density while increasing the intake of vitamins and minerals. Regular soup eaters benefit from lower body weight and an overall increased quality of diet. Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system and nutrient intake or simply lose weight, seasonal and healthy soup detox recipes might be the way to go.

Heat at Home Soup Bundles for a Cosy Night In

The benefits of a warming winter soup are boundless. Full of nutritional benefits and locally made fresh vegetables, they’re a wholesome ‘pick me up’ and an energising winter cleanse. Fancy a seasonal soup detox delivery in Manchester?

At Remedy Kitchen, we work with local fresh produce in Manchester, keeping our nutritious meal prep plans seasonally appropriate. Plant based, gluten free and dairy free, each soothing soup bundle provides you with 3 portions of one of our most popular soup flavours to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

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