The Art of Developing Delicious Recipes Using Science

27 April, 2021

            The Art of Developing Delicious Recipes Using Science

At The Remedy Kitchen, we’ve long been believers of the age-old adage; that knowledge is power. This is certainly the case when it comes to developing healthy eating habits. Understanding our bodies and reacting to their needs accordingly has been a core foundation behind how we develop our recipes since the inception of the Remedy concept. This philosophy remains true whether we’re carefully co-ordinating our meal prep plan rotations or cooking up delectable new recipes for our sweet treats!

Spending years dedicated to studying the links between health conditions, nutrition and science, the founder of Remedy, Katie McIntosh, is fiercely dedicated to her mission in improving nation’s health through good food. As her knowledge in this field continues to expand, we look at how Remedy utilises food science to develop recipes, and why doing so is so important.

The Study of Nutritional Science

The realisation that everything we do relies on our nutritional intake doesn’t take long to figure out. It makes sense that the fuel we nourish ourselves with plays a role in determining our energy levels, health, and overall sense of wellbeing. Despite this, the study of nutritional science is relatively new. Vitamins weren’t discovered until 1926, making them in fact a recent breakthrough with regards to the nutritional value of food and the impact it has on helping us function.  

The most recent discoveries in nutrition science have somewhat uprooted a few of the theories that many individuals have surrounding food. That is, if people had a strong basis of understanding behind nutrition anyway; many don’t actually stop to contemplate how what they are putting into their bodies have such an influence on our health and wellbeing on multiple levels. This surprisingly widespread lack of nutritional knowledge is exactly why our philosophy is so deeply rooted within the field of nutrition and science. The development of recipes at Remedy Kitchen involves a profound focus on infusing each dish with nutritional goodness and, of course, taste.

Healthy Bowl of Fruit | The Remedy Kitchen Nutritional Science Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

Modern Discoveries in Nutrition Science

Today, we all know the cruciality of taking folic acid during pregnancy. However, it was only discovered that a lack of folate contributed to the risk of birth defects in 1976, making this now universally lauded fact only a recent revelation. This makes sense considering that nutrition science is such a recent area of study, although findings in the field consistently have a substantiative impact on our understanding of wellbeing and health when they are eventually revealed. The folic acid revelation was deemed the most noteworthy nutrition-related discovery in recent years by scientists back in 2006.

Since then, studies into nutritional science and the significance of their findings have continued to increase exponentially. At Remedy, we stay informed about the latest in nutritional science; allowing us to enrich your plates with ailment-reducing and health enhancing foods.

Gut Health and Microbiome

As an example, one of the most prominent discoveries regarding science in ‘recent’ years relates to our gut health. It’s reasonably well known that gastrointestinal disorders cause an array of symptoms that can wreak havoc on the entire body. However, research into why this happens, and what this means for those of us who don’t have gastrointestinal orders to begin with, has fallen behind. In short, contemporary studies into gut microbiome persistently reveal that gut bacteria have a significant impact on our health. We delve into how gut health affects the body so drastically in more detail in our Skin Health and Nutrition post.

More recently, scientific researchers are shifting their focus onto what has been dubbed the ‘psychobiome.’ Research into gut microbiome and psychological conditions and diseases is not all too common. The development of medications that reduce the severity of neuropsychiatric ailments has therefore been similarly lacking. This field of research links to our interest in creating dishes that enhance nutrition and improve mental health, as we understand the correlation between a lack of nutrition and declining mental health.

There have been similar microbiome-related brainwaves relating to the consumption of fermented food. Metagenomic techniques have determined that the microbiomes in fermented foods are extraordinarily diverse. Understanding the latest findings from research into microbiome is what enables to create each of our recipes in a way that enhances your gut health, and consequently, your overall health.

A Range of Dishes with Healthy Foods | Modern Nutrition Science The Remedy Kitchen

A Multifaceted Approach to Nutrition

One of The Remedy Kitchen’s principals is to consider every element of our nutritive intake when we create new recipes. We don’t just concentrate on one singular approach. Nutrition policies set out by governments, concerningly, do follow reductionist models. Their policies seek to reduce the calorie intake of the population, without taking into consideration that our calorie consumption efforts should instead focus on considering which foods we are deriving these calories from. We should be increasing calorie intake from healthy foods, while reducing calorie intake from unhealthy foods; not just reducing calorie intake altogether.

Science-Backed Recipes for Every Ailment

When we don’t get our nutritional intake spot on, things can go awry. While it’s true that we often need to follow individualised diets for a variety of reasons. From medical conditions to vitamin deficiencies, the core foundations that involve eating nutritionally balanced dishes remain essential for everyone.

In light of this, each Remedy recipe is designed with a keen eye for detail regarding the nutritional content of every ingredient. We look at this on an individual basis, and more holistically too. Considering how these ingredients interact with one another both within the dish and within the body is essential in each recipe. The chemical makeup of components in a dish can react in ways that reduce the quality of the entire meal. For example, certain proteins and enzymes will interact with one another in ways that reduce the nutritional content of foods. Not only this, but they may interact in ways that affect the flavour and texture of the dish on a molecular level.

This is why we use only non-processed, fresh ingredients in our recipes. While doing this, we consider the interactions between nutrients post-consumption, too. Intake levels of particular vitamins have an impact on the required intake of other vitamins. For example, those consuming increased amounts of fatty fish and vegetable oils should also consume more vitamin E, which protects polyunsaturated fatty acids from damage. This damage occurs due to oxidative stress, which produces lipid peroxides. These are dangerous due to their ability to damage cellular and subcellular structure and inactivate enzymes and proteins, rendering them useless and leading to inflammatory diseases and the development of other medical conditions.

Each of these considerations are taken into account as we develop our delicious dishes engrained with nutritional science.

Let us Nourish You with Knowledge

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If you’re looking to get your hands on some of our scientifically-backed health boosting recipes yourself, try one of our meal prep plans. Each specifically formulated to provide its own array of energizingly delicious benefits for our health, our meal prep plans are created with options that suit every dietary preference.

For more nutritional treats from
The Remedy Kitchen, find us on social media.

For more nutritional treats from
The Remedy Kitchen, find us on social media.

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The Remedy Kitchen concept and ethos was created by Katie McIntosh, Remedy Kitchen's Managing Director and co-founder.
Katie is a specialist in Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders & Obesity. Her expanding range of wellbeing-centric qualifications include Detox Specialist, Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition, Performance Enhancement Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and BSc Psychology. Katie is also a member of the British Psychological Society.
Katie first launched her career as a fitness professional in 2015. In doing this, she realised her real passion was in helping others use nutrition to elevate their health, and knew her expertise would thrive elsewhere.It was this realisation, along with the identification of a stark gap in the market, that has nurtured the Remedy Kitchen concept into what it is today.