Mooving On: The Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet

12 February, 2021

            Mooving On: The Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet

The human intake of dairy products can have a huge detrimental impact on our bodies, leading to the gradual deterioration of our overall health and wellbeing from within. What are the benefits of a dairy free diet?

As humans, it’s entirely natural that we all follow diverse diet regimes. We all enjoy different foods. Our distinct tastes can vary wildly; whether we have a sweet tooth, or prefer to indulge our cravings with savoury snacks. On top of this, we each have our own health priorities to look after. We have different ideas, different digestive systems, and different goals. The term ‘bio-individuality’ is essential here, as we move towards respecting the fact that our bodies are all distinctively unique.We all have inherently diverse body compositions from our metabolisms to hormone fluctuations. The benefits of staying in tune with our bodies and following intuitive diet regimes are endless.

The same idea comes into play when we consider dietary intolerances. Dairy often causes symptoms of intolerance in those who didn’t even realise they had an issue with the food. At its core, dairy food is simply not made for humans. It’s naturally engineered towards helping calves grow, rich in growth hormones such as IGF-1 and excess saturated fats.

In this quick Remedy guide, we’ll discuss why ditching dairy might just be the right step forward you’ve been looking for. It’s time to “moove” on! Learn about the benefits of a dairy free diet here.

Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet | Dairy Free Manchester

Is Dairy Food Bad for Our Health?

The quick answer is: likely, yes - dairy food is bad for our health. The majority of the human population are lactose intolerant. Lactose is a sugar found within dairy foods. Lactose intolerance occurs when the small intestine fails to produce enough of the digestive enzyme that breaks down lactose, known as lactase. Those of us who cannot naturally generate enough lactase cannot effectively absorb lactose. These lactose sugars are therefore left in the gut after we consume dairy products, where they ferment and produce gas. This is what causes those unpleasant side effects we’re all a little too familiar with. While many of us have managed to identify lactose as the root of our symptoms, most people are a little behind in ditching dairy.

Calcium is celebrated for supporting healthy bone development and growth in children, and milk is rich in other vitamins such as riboflavin, phosphorous and potassium. Our adult bodies, however, are fully developed. They do not need this extra source of nutrition, particularly in the form of calcium. Alongside this unappetising lack of benefits, there remains the alarming fact that 70% of people are actually dairy intolerant. There are plenty of other ways we can incorporate nutritious vitamins into our diet, while cutting out dairy.

Want to figure out if you could enjoy the benefits of a dairy free diet? These are just a few of the symptoms of dairy intolerance:

  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • Skin Problems
  • Headaches

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to all these health issues. Following a dairy free diet plan can help to eliminate these disagreeable symptoms of dairy intolerance. You might be put off by the level of dedication required to go dairy free, but it’s not as tricky as it sounds. To enjoy a quick and convenient energy boosting dairy detox, try our 5 Day Meal Prep Taster.

Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet | Dairy Free Manchester

Explore the Health Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet

There’s a whole world of goodness to enjoy just from switching to a dairy free diet. Here, we’re taking an insightful dive into the health benefits of going dairy free. Supported by medical evidence, here’s how a dairy free diet can transform your overall wellbeing:

Reduce Bloating Caused by Excess Gas

Experiencing lactose malabsorption causes bloating, as the fermentation process of lactose sugars that we can’t absorb produces excess gas within the colon. It’s these excess gasses that cause our bloated appearance, and the level of digestive discomfort that accompanies it.

Maintain Balanced pH Levels

Dairy is an acid-forming product that interferes with our gut’s natural pH balance. Increased levels of acidity can make their way up to our oesophagus, causing acid reflux. The long-term consumption of milk products is therefore also linked to the development of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

Reduce Inflammatory Responses

Studies have determined that around 80% of our immune activity occurs around the gut and our digestive systems. Dairy has also been identified as one of the biggest immune system stressors. When we ingest foods we’re intolerant to, as we cannot produce the enzymes to absorb them, the immune system senses this and tries to flush out the offending ingredient. The immune system consists of a whole network of potential responses, from external symptoms to internal gastrological distress. Often, these autoimmune networks become overloaded and respond to the wrong area of the body. This can cause adverse reactions in unexpected ways.

Resolve Dermatological Conditions

As we mentioned above, lactase deficiency can trigger autoimmune responses from within the body. In some, this results in an eczematous effect, causing acute eczema, psoriasis and other dermatological conditions. Go dairy free, and you’ll see a whole new clarity within your skin, as you glow from the inside out.

Solve Growth Hormone and Acne Problems

The intake of dairy products is linked to the occurrence of acne. This is attributed to the growth hormones and anabolic steroids naturally found within cow’s milk, as it’s naturally engineered towards helping calves grow. It’s also linked to the high content of carbohydrates found within lactose. This increases insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) hormone levels in the liver. IGF-1 works to balance the impact of growth hormones on the body, and an imbalance of this hormone can result in acne problems.

Improve Body Composition

Dairy is abundant in excess saturated fats. At 9 calories per gram, fats have the highest caloric value of all macronutrients. Decreasing intake will naturally aid in reducing body fat, whilst simultaneously lowering levels of inflammation.

Increase Energy Levels

Enhanced energy levels are frequently experienced as a result of completely eliminating dairy. The body is no longer spending energy on fighting off inflammation caused by lactase deficiency, struggling to balance growth hormone concentrations, or dealing with the malabsorption of sugars in the body.

Although these health benefits of going dairy free are endlessly tempting, it can seem daunting to completely eliminate dairy from your diet. That’s why The Remedy Kitchen curate luxury meal plans to follow throughout the week. Delivered directly to your doorstep, they’re entirely dairy free, refined sugar free, and gluten and wheat free.

Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet | Dairy Free Manchester
Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet | Dairy Free Manchester

Our Shared Dedication in Supporting Dairy Free Diets

At The Remedy Kitchen, we’re proud of our roots as an emerging Manchester dairy free restaurant. Our mission is to transform the health of Manchester’s people by feeding them our tasty, nutritional food. For many of our happy customers, it’s working!

As a specialist in Eating Disorders and Obseity, I recommend that we all look for alternatives to dairy. We don’t have to include dairy in our food to make it taste delicious. The lack of dairy in the Remedy kitchen means we get to discover new dairy free ideas and alternatives on a daily basis. From plant based butter to dairy free yoghurt, we have sourced an array of dairy free alternatives to use in our recipes over the years. Today, we continue work with our beloved dairy free food creators. Here’s a little insight into how their philosophies resonate with our own, at The Remedy Kitchen.

The dairy free milk alternatives used as ingredients in our delectable dairy free recipes are sourced from Rude Health. Mixing flavourful dairy free drinks since 2005, they take the idea of using healthy ingredients just as seriously as we do. Soya milk, for example, is naturally fortified with potassium, and has the same protein content as cow’s milk. It’s beneficial for those opting for a healthier lifestyle, with just 1-2% of the calorie content found within dairy milk.

Along the same vein, Nush Foods create produce that embraces the benefits of a dairy free diet, while destroying the myth that dairy free alternatives are tasteless and boring. Their scrumptious Almond Cheese spread is incorporated into our sweet and savoury Remedy recipes. Entirely dairy free, yet brimming with tasty goodness, we love the Nush ethos.

In supporting our responsible and ethical suppliers as we add their delicious dairy free ingredients to our recipes, we’re boosting everyone’s efforts in uplifting the innovation of dairy free diet alternatives.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet Lifestyle with Remedy Kitchen

As the leading dairy free restaurant in Manchester, our team at The Remedy Kitchen are dedicated to helping customers go dairy free. All our dairy free meal plans are carefully curated by our expert nutritionist, ensuring you’re fully nourished from the inside out - without having to come up with endless dairy free meal ideas. Refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and wheat free; we’re exploring the freedom of allowing our bodies to rejuvenate themselves with healthy foods.

Ditch the Dairy: Moove on to Dairy Free Food in Manchester

Intrigued by the benefits of going dairy free? Looking for dairy free food in Manchester? We’ll help you ditch dairy with ease. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or an avid meat lover, we have an option for everyone wishing to go dairy free. Tailored to suit all preferences, we design nourishing dairy free meal plans, paired with an encouraging dairy free recipe book. Get on board with our nutritious dairy free meal plans, infused with delicious plant based derivatives from our dedicated dairy free alternative suppliers. A luxury option for those want to lead a dairy free lifestyle, our Lifestyle Meal Prep plan is full of ingredients selected for their energising, healing and vitality enhancing properties.

Not ready to give up dairy completely? We tailor our dairy free meal plans carefully, ensuring the gentle but health boosting switch into a gluten and dairy free diet. Try out a little taster of the benefits of a dairy free diet, with our 5 Day Taster Meal Plan. Delivered straight to your door, we provide the experience of a quick dairy detox, full of delectable dishes throughout the week.

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Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet | Dairy Free Manchester

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