The Benefits of Exercise on Body Confidence

30 April, 2021

            The Benefits of Exercise on Body Confidence

Engaging in fitness activity has long been known as an ideal ‘remedy’ to many body confidence concerns. While staying fit might not entirely alleviate all negative thoughts surrounding body image, exercising works in a multitude of ways to uplift our confidence levels through various mechanisms, both physical and mental. In this article, we explore how the benefits of exercise also have a positive influence on body confidence. Exercise reduces a variety of health complications associated with ageing, obesity and stress, though many people still struggle to stick to a regular fitness routine.

Exercise and Emotional Health

Exercise and Body Confidence - Emotional Health

As we know, not all body confidence worries are based solely on our physical appearance. While how we look can play a major role in how we perceive our own bodies, some of our misguided perceptions are often rooted in our thoughts. Self-depreciating thoughts based on negative self-image can even be the result of struggles we experience with our mental health. Regular exercise reduces the risk of psychosocial problems, decline and distress by reducing the physical and psychological symptoms of stress, which we'll discuss in further detail below. Exercise also limits the prevalence, symptoms and severity of mental illnesses, some of which can cause the problems we have with self-esteem and body confidence in the first place.

You can read more about the links between body confidence and psychological health in our Psychology of Dieting series, particularly in our post about Body Dysmorphia Disorder.

The Physical Benefits of Exercise

As we exercise, it’s common to notice the profound influence that focusing on fitness has on our attitudes to body confidence.

Body Composition and Fitness

One of the most notable physical improvements regarding exercise, specifically with relevance to cultivating additional self-confidence, is the impact it has on our weight and muscular structure. Exercise enhances our metabolic rate, aiding with fat burning mechanisms in the body and helping with weight control. It helps us maintain lean body weight, flexibility, a full range of movement, and adequate physical function over time.

Ageing, Exercise and Body Confidence

Another element to consider in determining how exercise improves body confidence is the concept of ageing. While it’s an altogether natural process, the thought of our bodies ageing and becoming less conventionally ‘attractive’ is a matter of concern and anxiety for many. Exercise, however, is frequently touted for its role in helping maintain a youthful appearance and experience. Alongside reducing obesity, exercise reduces the risk of certain conditions that lower life expectancy and add years to our appearance.

When these medical conditions do present themselves, they are often related to natural ageing processes combined with the prolonged complications that emerge as the result of sedentary lifestyles – frequently with little focus on healthy eating and exercise. Once age-related diseases and medical issues do arise, they can have extremely damaging effects on our health that further exacerbates the diminished confidence we have in our bodies as we grow older.

Reducing the Risk of Age & Obesity Related Illnesses

Exercise reduces the risk of health complications that can have significant consequences on our body confidence.

  • Falling. Staying active prevents the deterioration of dexterity and balance. Falling itself can lead to a variety of health complications, so exercise is essential in retaining vitality.

  • Osteoporosis and arthritis. Fitness improves bone density and lessens pain associated with age-related bone conditions.

  • Diabetes. Exercise helps regulate levels of glucose in the blood, supporting the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels over time.

  • High blood pressure and stroke. Reducing stress, exercise has a positive impact on the regulation of cholesterol and blood pressure – elevated levels of which could lead to a stroke. Exercise reduces the risk of having a stroke by 27%.

  • Mental decline. Frequent exercise enhances our cognitive abilities, enhancing mental health and improving our energy, self-confidence and overall mood.

Regular exercise can negate the risk of these medical problems as we age, thus helping us lead a more youthful life, while retaining our capacity for fitness and movement despite growing older - and therefore improving body confidence!

Exercise and Body Confidence Benefits - Luxury Health Club Manchester

Exercise to Reduce Anxiety & Stress: Psychological and Physical

Exercise is renowned for its stress-reducing advantages. When we're excessively stressed for prolonged periods of time, our bodies react accordingly and this results in damage to our organs. Becoming unwell or developing disease as the result of stress leads to diminished self-confidence, as we begin to lose faith in how well our bodies function and feel failed by them as a result.

The Damage Caused by Stress

The damage to our bodies caused by elevated stress over time can have a significant impact on our body confidence and self-esteem. Alongside this, having low body confidence can cause stress in itself, creating almost a cycle of continued stress and anxiety if we don't get enough of the physical and mental benefits associated with exercise.

  • Stress Hormones:Those with diminished body confidence may experience social anxiety and concerns about how others will also perceive their bodies. This anxiety means our stress levels are further heightened, along with the release of adrenaline and cortisol. Exercise improves your physique and reduces the psychological stress caused by a lack of body confidence, while the activity of exercising also works to reduce our physical response to stress.

  • Heart: Constant stress puts intense pressure on the heart, giving rise to the potential for strokes or heart attacks.

  • Stomach: Stress can increase the risk of stomach ulcers, due to the prolonged excess of acid present.

  • Liver: Extra glucose is released when we become stressed, providing the body with extra 'fight or flight' energy. Prolonged stress can make it difficult to deal with the excess glucose in the body, which heightens the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • Muscles: Muscles seize up when frequently stressed, leading to the development of tension and muscular pain. While we're in pain or feeling this tension, we're unlikely to want to exercise as a result. This increases the risk for damaged self-esteem due to unwanted weight gain as the result of inactivity.

  • Reproduction: Over time, being stressed reduces reproductive hormones in the body. Any stress can diminish the libido, as stress can cause fatigue and anxiety. Testosterone levels in men are lowered when stress persists, which may lead to fertility problems. The same goes for women, as being stressed can have an impact on the menstrual cycle. The relationship we have with our bodies can be damaged when we find our reproductive hormones and cycles are causing problems, so avoid the constant stress in the first place by exercising.

  • Immunity: Chronic stress weakens the immune system as it can’t keep up with the continued alleviation of physiological activity. This leaves us more vulnerable to illness and lengthens recovery times when we do become ill, reducing the amount of confidence we have in our bodies' natural ability to stay healthy.

Reducing stress and its complications alone can have a significant positive impact on both our mental and physical health, and this is often achieved with regular exercise.

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Let's Not Forget Healthy Eating...

Another impressively effective way to improve your body confidence is to eat healthily. When we respect our bodies with good food, our thoughts are more likely to respect them too. Serving up our perfectly healthy and nutritious dishes, we were glad to open up the Remedy Kitchen restaurant in Manchester for outdoor terrace seating on the 4th of May.

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For more nutritional treats from
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For more nutritional treats from
The Remedy Kitchen, find us on social media.

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