Natural Smoothie Bundle


  • Increase fruit, vegetable and fibre intake
  • Manage cravings and improve satiety
  • Increase protein intake (opt for protein fortified)
  • Great for active lifestyles
  • The ideal pre or post training snack
  • Order as a standalone bundle or alongside Meal Prep
  • 100% gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free
  • Made with premium, plant-based milks and fresh ingredients 

6 smoothies (mixed flavours)
  • 6 smoothies (mixed flavours)
  • 12 smoothies (mixed flavours)
  • 6 smoothies (mixed flavours fortified with plant-based protein)
  • 12 smoothies (mixed flavours fortified with plant-based protein)
1 Week
  • 1 Week
  • 2 Weeks
  • 3 Weeks
  • 4 Weeks
Natural Smoothie Bundle
Natural Smoothie Bundle
Natural Smoothie Bundle
Natural Smoothie Bundle
Natural Smoothie Bundle
Natural Smoothie Bundle

What Our Clients Say...


We started on the meal prep service from Remedy Kitchen about a year ago now. It has been fantastic right from the beginning and all the way through. One of the best decisions we could have made for the nutrition side of our health. The team behind the food are the secret ingredient, you can really see their passion in everything that they do. All of the dishes, which change regularly depending on the time of year, tick all the boxes for anyone on the go. Fresh, healthy and nutritious, and just the right size, they leave you satiated and energised but not so stuffed that you feel like you need a nap! Easy to prepare, and the meal plans can be completely individually tailored to your preferences, likes and dislikes. The team really care about each and every order. Thanks for keeping us fed through 2021 guys!

Andrew & Carolyn Mellor

Verified Meal Prep Clients

I stumbled across The Remedy Kitchen through Google and so glad I did! Emily [Kitchen Lead] has gone above and beyond every week to cater to my dietary requirements and personal preferences, I have a completely bespoke meal prep plan now and I couldn't be happier. Emily has been a lovely person to deal with and always checks in for feedback.

Zakariya Ahmed

Verified Meal Prep Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What avenues are available to work on my relatonship with food?

We recommend starting out with a 15-minute complimentary consultation with Katie, or a member of her team. Consults can be booked at a time to suit you, and will be conducted via Zoom.

You'll be given the space to talk freely about where you currently are with your nutrition and health, and the Remedy team will provide initial recommendations based on your starting point. This may include strategies for imrpoving your relationship with food, or intervention methods, such as embarking on one of our Luxury Meal Prep plans, considering Food Intolerance Testing or long-term nutrition coaching. 

Do you recommend calorie counting or macro tracking for improving my relationship with food?

Everyone's relationship with food is different, and for many of us there is some degree of trauma there. Whether that be because of insecurities with our body, the need to feel control over something that's inheriently complex, or even bad associations from a young age at the family dinner table.

To suggest that this relationship can be managed, or remedied using mathmatical equation completley undervalues the intricacy of our connection to our food. 

Repairing your relationship with food is a process that relies on understanding what caused it break down in the first place, and that journey is very different for everyone. 

We recommend booking in for a complimentary nutrition consultation, talking through your current nutritional landscape and allowing us to provide initial recommendations that map out your next steps. 

I know that I would like to start meal prep with Remedy Kitchen. Do I need to book a consult?

No, you can begin Meal Prep without a consult and book your plan in a matter of minutes. However, as our Meal Prep service has a 25-client capacity, we do like to have a personal relationship with you to ensure you're in the best possible position to achieve the outcomes you have your mind set on. 

We can tailor and tweak all of our plans on a fully bespoke basis, and therefore would always recommend booking in for a consultation or giving us a call before signing up.

If that's not for you, we'll send you a personal welcome email to introduce ourselves after you've signed up for Meal Prep, and you'll have the opportunity to consult with us at any point during your plan for amends or changes.

Do you offer more in-depth nutrition coaching?

Yes, Katie works with a small number of clients on their relationship with food, to build more resourceful eating habits and overcome eating challenges. You will be working directly with Katie on a 1-1 bepoke basis. Coaching can take place in person, via Zoom, and even via email depending on how you feel most comfortable.

Your first session will be 30-60 minutes and will follow a specified structure to understand your needs and outcomes. Katie may need to assess your suitability for coaching and may wish to invite other professionals into the mix to further support your journey. A report will be provided following your first session, outlining a personalised plan for future coaching, usually including some early interventions that you can implement immediatley without the need for another session.

For in-depth nutrition work, you can book in for an initial consultation here.

Do you offer plant-based (vegan) meal prep plans?

Plant-based eating s the perfect option for those wishing to incorporate healthier eating habits into their routine. Our plant-based (vegan) meal prep plans are carefully co-ordinated to ensure you're getting all the essential nutrients and vitamins that support optimal function without animal products. Recharge yourself with a nutritious plant based detox, or make this the first step towards cutting down on inflammatory animal proteins and products for good. 

How many meals can I have per day?

Our plans start from one meal per day. You have the freedom to select how many meals you'd like us cater for within your plan, with prices adjusted accordingly.

In cases where a client is looking for a nutritional overhaul, we can provide up to 6 meals per day (3-4 main meals with snacks and smoothies). 

Our plans run 6 days per week currently (Monday-Saturday).

Where are my meals made?

 All of your meals, snacks and smoothies are made from scratch in Remedy's restaurant kitchen in the heart of Manchester.

In line with our health-focused ethos, we use class A, seasonal ingredients from local suppliers, cooked from scratch in our 5 star hygiene rated venue.

We prepare your dishes twice per week, on Monday's and Thursday's from 6am. 

I am coeliac, can I still become a Meal Prep client?

Our kitchen is completley free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, meaning that we don't prepare any food items using those ingredients removing a significant risk of cross contamination. 

We are fully transparent about our suppliers and ingredients, so if you'd like further information about any particular dish, process or practice, please feel free to reach out to us or book in for a coomplimentary consult. 
We'll be happy to answer all of your questions so you can enjoy your Meal Prep dishes with peace of mind and worry-free.