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Remedy Kitchen brings a fresh approach to healthy eating.

The Remedy concept was founded in 2018, after years of ongoing dedication to the study of nutritional science and psychology. Noticing how society has somehow disconnected from the primal foundations of health and nutrition, the lightbulb moment happened.

We had realised what we had to do; and we did it.

Here's our Remedy story.


Not enough of us put conscious thought into our eating habits. This is the foundation the Remedy concept is built upon. We put healthy eating first. A hub of enthusiasm, full of healthy lifestyle choices and nutritious meals, we continue to support and encourage our community.

With our ongoing dedication in setting out to create Manchester's first 'free from' restaurant,
our full gluten free menu and cafe was developed in 2018. As well as being a completely gluten free restaurant, we're dairy free and refined sugar free, too. This means we use only the purest of ingredients in each Remedy dish.

Read on to find out more about what we do.


Remedy Grows.

Remedy is on an endless quest to keep growing, and not just in terms of expansion. Remedy’s nutritionally devoted founder, Katie McIntosh, continues to study the quintessential, multi-faceted approach to wellbeing and nutrition every day.

We’re built upon the foundations of nutritional wisdoms. Not just another health restaurant, we base each of our dishes on actual nutritional science. While we infuse these years of experience into each culinary experience you’ll have with us, we go way beyond just the health aspect of our food.

Our dishes invigorate, enlighten and engage. Ingredient combinations are carefully merged with consideration of every element of our being. We focus on not only the healing properties of food in uplifting your physical health, but your emotional health too.

We intertwine cutting-edge nutritional science
with deliciously fresh ingredients.

Remedy Adapts.

Each Remedy dish is prepared in our Manchester city centre kitchen by professional chefs. Healthy food gets a bad rep for being tasteless, dull… You know the rest. We’ve turned this idea upside down, adapting the way people perceive healthy food with our flavoursome culinary creations.

Since Remedy was created, our mission has also adapted as we moved from strength to strength.
After finding success with our gluten free restaurant Manchester, we’ve continued to innovate and expand our nutritional offerings.

Acclimatising to the changing needs of our city as situations evolved, we decided to launch our gluten free Manchester meal prep plans last year. This dynamic phase saw our customers commit to a whole new level of lifestyle adaptations, as our 4 week meal prep plans became the bestselling Remedy product of all time.

We continue to support Manchester with our nutritional meals, as we’ve developed our gluten free dishes to suit every taste. We love that we're enhancing energy and emotional enthusiasm, with our delectable meal prep plans.

Healthy eating made effortless.
Enjoy the taste of Remedy at home.

Remedy Nourishes.

The motivations that underpin our unique mission drive us forward each day. With an impassioned eagerness to transform lives with our delicious dishes, it could be said that we’re being a little ambitious. But we think our nutritional insights can make a difference.

We don’t just feed our customers delicious dishes. We nourish them with education, too.

We’re here to remedy
the eating habits of the nation.

Remedy Transforms.

We set off with a concept that was entirely new to the UK high-street. Competing with the nation’s love for fast food, as well as the global chains that are enabling their habits… We weren’t quite sure where we would fit in. Despite these challenges, we knew there was space in the market for our transformative concept. We also knew it was a necessary change.

The truth is - following an unhealthy diet isn’t sustainable. The unfortunate reality is that people only begin to realise this once their health and mental wellbeing have suffered as a result of uninformed eating choices. People aren't just suffering due to unhealthy food. They are also suffering from dietary sensitivities they're unaware of, such as gluten intolerance.

Remedy transforms eating habits. We show people the value of nutrition, and the central role it plays in determining our overall wellbeing.

Remedy Refreshes.

Our customers are unique, in that they may not have been particularly interested in healthy eating before stumbling upon the Remedy ethos. Just a coincidental stroll past The Remedy Kitchen in Manchester’s Royal Exchange Arcade has been known to pique the interest of city dwellers.

Entering into a world of nutritional expertise, they’re faced with the intriguing realisation that there’s much more to our eating habits than once thought. Our range of dairy free, refined sugar free and gluten free options isn't just free from; it's nutritionally coordinated, packed with revitalising vitamins and minerals. Since our launch, Remedy Kitchen has completely changed the health and eating habits of many Mancunians. Our mission continues.

We refresh the way people
think about nutrition

Remedy Creates...

A Gluten Free Manchester

One of the key enthusiasms we embrace here at Remedy is our free from promise. After studying the effects of certain ingredients and proteins - such as gluten, dairy, and refined sugars - on our body for years… We found our conclusion. Manchester needed an entirely gluten free restaurant. That’s the decision we made, and we stuck with it. Today, Remedy’s success speaks volumes about how our gluten free Manchester vow was exactly the right one to make.

Our Manchester restaurant continues to delight customers with delicious snacks, enjoyed within our casual dining atmosphere. It doesn’t matter whether they’re drawn in by our delectable range of gluten free bakery goods, refined sugar free cakes in the window, or they pop in for an afternoon tea with friends. We get people thinking about how dairy free, refined sugar free and gluten free food can be just as tasty, if not more.

In fact, we’re constantly being told it’s the tastiest.
All the while, we’re reinforcing the reason we’re here each day.

Every single dish we cook up at Remedy
is infused with our nutritional know-how.

Remedy Kitchen Founders

Katie McIntosh, Manchester, Founder of Remedy Kitchen - Gluten Free Restaurant Manchester | Gluten Free Food Manchester

Katie McIntosh, Managing Director

The Remedy Kitchen concept and ethos was created by Katie McIntosh, Remedy Kitchen’s co-founder and Managing Director.
Katie is a specialist in Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders & Obesity, and has completed an expanding range of wellbeing-centric qualifications to date, including Detox Specialist, Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition, Performance Enhancement Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and BSc Psychology.
Katie is also a member of the British Psychological Society.
Having first launched her career as a fitness professional back in 2015, Katie realised her passion for helping others use nutrition to elevate their health could be put to better use. It was this realisation, along with the identification of a stark gap in the market , that inspired the Remedy Kitchen concept into what it is today.

Andy McGlynn, Chairman of Remedy Kitchen - Gluten Free Restaurant Manchester | Gluten Free Food Manchester

Andy McGlynn, Chairman

Now in his 18th year on the front line of the personal training and commercial gym world, Andy has been involved in some incredible transitions over that time which has given him a level of experience which is second to none.

As the CEO of GSquared Health Clubs, Andy assists Katie in a chairing role, in particular with business synergy between GSquared and The Remedy Kitchen and Remedy's ongoing growth strategy.

The benefit of Andy’s experience of operating within commercial gyms and health club’s filters through to GSquared Health Clubs, a project set to expand throughout the major cities of the UK over the next 5-10 years.

Meet The Team

Gluten Free Cafe Manchester | Gluten Free Manchester | Gluten Free Food Manchester | Gluten Free Meal Prep Manchester

Charlotte Mower - Restaurant Lead & Meal Prep Team

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Emily Hatton -Kitchen & Meal Prep Lead

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Alicia Percy - Front of House & Meal Prep Team

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Joe Martin - Kitchen & Meal Prep Team


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Caitlin Lee - Front of House & Meal Prep Team


Matthew Fenton - Meal Prep Team


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