Healthy Meal Prep Plans

At Remedy Kitchen, we're bringing healthy meal prep plans to Manchester.

Led by nutrition, we set out with a view to change the health of Manchester with our freshly prepared dishes, brimming with vitamins and nutrients. First, our Remedy Kitchen restaurant brought our delicious dishes to the city centre. Since then, the relaxed dining space has grown, and so have we. As our delicious dishes continued to delight those who were just a little curious about eating healthier, Remedy thrived. Due to our popularity as Manchester's favourite healthy eating spot, we recently embarked upon a new venture. We're now making the first and only gluten, dairy & refined sugar free healthy meal prep plans in Manchester, based on holistic nutrition.

Our healthy meal prep plans can be delivered locally to your door, or collected from Remedy's restaurant in the city centre. Read on to find out more about how they're created.


About Our Healthy Meal Prep Manchester Plans

First and foremost, Remedy is a restaurant based right in the heart of Manchester's city centre. Having set up and found great success within our casual dining space, we realised just how much the people of Manchester loved our hearty yet entirely healthy dishes.

Before Remedy was created, we knew nutritious meals just weren't that commonplace on the high street. Due to our years of training and expertise in the nutrition and fitness fields, it was clear something needed to change. Alongside our impassioned goal of boosting health on the high-street with the Remedy restaurant, we decided to launch additional services that would make healthy eating easy.

Now, Remedy brings healthy eating into the homes of Manchester. Offering healthy recipes prepared with fresh, vitamin packed ingredients, each of our meal prep plans brings together our deep rooted appreciation for nutrition.

Remedy's easy meal prep bowls are curated by our founder, Katie McIntosh, who specialises in Nutrition for Eating Disorder & Obese Populations. Each dish is carefully put together, with the goal of improving your overall health with a high-quality diet.

Here's how they work...


Manchester Meal Prep | Healthy Meal Prep Manchester | Fresh Nutritious Meals to Your Door, Local Delivery with Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free Quality Meals

Healthy Eating Made Easy

One of the main misconceptions about following a healthy and nutritious diet, is the idea that it's costly and takes a great deal of time. Leading busy lives, some people just don't know where to start - and that's fine. We knew we needed to make healthy eating accessible for those in Manchester who didn't have the time to meal prep every day. Whether you're looking for weight loss recipes, vegan snacks, or you're tired of trying to cut down on your portion sizes; Remedy has something for you.

With our healthy meal prep plans, we do all the research and preparation, so you don't have to.

Meal Prep Plans with a Touch of Luxury

Due to our background as a healthy eating restaurant, we know a thing or two about creating delicious, restaurant quality dishes. Our professional chefs are a whizz in the kitchen, cooking up all kinds of delicious concoctions for the people of Manchester to try. We focus not only on the nutritional content of our dishes, but perfecting the taste and presentation too. That's why we're a city favourite for busy individuals or couples that just don't have the time to meal prep. Adding a thoughtful twist to our array of offerings, we're also a meal prep company now.

It's the added touch of luxury infused within our meal prep plans that make healthy eating a breeze.


Healthy Cleanse Smoothie Recipes | Meal Prep Manchester | Manchester Meal Prep | Plant Based Meal Prep Manchester by Remedy Kitchen

Our Meal Prep Manchester Options

At Remedy, we understand everyone has different tastes. That's why our fresh meal prep plans are versatile enough for anyone to enjoy. Here's a little explanation about each of our options.


  • Vegan (Plant Based Meal Prep)
    Going vegan is the perfect option for those wishing to incorporate healthier eating habits into their routine. Our plant based meal prep plans are carefully co-ordinated to ensure you're getting all those essential nutrients and vitamins. Recharge your diet with the nutritious plant based alternatives in our vegan meal prep recipes.

  • Vegetarian
    Running out of vegetarian meal prep ideas? Remedy can help you stick to your vegetarian lifestyle with ease. We offer vegetarian meal prep plans throughout Manchester.

  • Meat Based
    We make sure all our meat based meal prep plans are nutritionally balanced, using fresh ingredients and healthy vegetables.

  • Pescatarian
    Incorporate healthy fish into your diet with our meal plans rich in nutritional omega 3 fatty acids. These nutrients are shown to improve overall health, whether you're looking to lose weight or explore better vitamin intake.

  • Quantity of Meal Prep Dishes per day
    Choose between 1 or 2 meal prep dishes each day. This allows you the freedom to select how many meals you'd like to cater for within our lifestyle meal plan, with prices adjusted accordingly.

  • Soup Detox Meal Prep Bundles
    The health benefits associated with a nutritious soup detox are scientifically proven to reduce body fat, improve energy levels and refresh the body from within. Our soup detox meal prep bundles are heat at home, so you can savour the flavours of our favourite detox recipes in comfort.

  • Nutritious Smoothie Meal Prep Bundles
    Smoothies are renowned for their health packed benefits, rich in vitamins and nutrients. We use only the freshest of fruits and vegetables in our smoothie recipes and meal prep plans, so you get the most out of every sip.

  • Breakfast Meal Prep
    Want an easy morning? Our breakfast meal prep plans give you the energy to get ready and go with convenience. If you don't have the time to make overnight oats or come up with a detoxifying smoothie recipe in the morning, we've got you covered. Remedy's smoothie recipes are loved throughout Manchester, with the added bonus of being ridiculously healthy.

  • 5 Day Meal Prep Taster Cleanse
    You might not be sure you want to go with the whole month's worth of meal prep dishes. That's why we offer our 5 day meal prep taster. Give it a try before going all in. Each taster plan is designed to cleanse the body over the 5 days, so you'll feel recharged and ready to start a new week.

  • Lifestyle Meal Prep For Individuals
    Eating for one? Our Lifestyle Meal Prep plans offer an array of nutritious dishes for you to enjoy. Based on a 4 week plan, these meal prep recipes have been selected for their health boosting benefits and high nutritional value. As always, we can cater for vegan, vegetarian, meat or pescatarian diets.

  • Manchester Meal Prep For Couples
    Couples that get healthy together stay together! Our balanced meal prep plans for couples mean you can enjoy nutritious meals at home with your loved one. Our meal prep for two plans also make great aphrodisiacs, with antioxidants and vitamin rich energising fresh ingredients. Choose between plant based meal prep or high protein meal prep dishes.


All of our healthy meal prep plans are free from a number of ingredients that are known to cause inflammatory responses within the body. They're dairy free, refined sugar free and gluten free. Research into nutrition shows following a clean eating diet is best, and we stick by that rule in our healthy meal plans.

Easy Meal Prep Manchester | Collection or Delivery

We've made our healthy meal prep Manchester services easy. We offer local delivery throughout Manchester, as well as convenient city centre pick up options from the restaurant. Order now and get tucked in to enjoying our delicious meal prep recipes.