Our Menu

Here you'll find dishes that are made with love and consideration, always with your health in mind. The healing properties of food are the foundation of Remedy's ethos, and everything we serve is made from scratch, as well as gluten, dairy & refined sugar free.


Green & Wild | gf, df, v, sulphites

Garlic and tarragon mushrooms, poached eggs and avocado on toasted sourdough served with poppy seeds, micro parsley and wild herb oil / 9.95

Healthy Start | gf, df, sulphites

Poached eggs, avocado, bacon, sausage, wild mushrooms, roasted chilli tomatoes on sourdough, served with homemade beans, micro greens & omega seeds / 12.95

Morning Remedy | gf, df, ve, s

Garlic and lemon hummus, avocado, baked tomato, mushrooms, home-baked beans, spiced celeriac on baked rosemary flatbread, micro greens, omega seeds, parsley oil / 11.95

Add poached eggs / 2.00

Remedy Royale | gf, df, f, sulphites

Smoked salmon, spinach & poached eggs, dairy free hollandaise, served on sourdough, topped with toasted nigella seeds, fresh dill, radish, micro greens & wild herb oil / 12.50

Chai Overnight oats | gf, df, ve, n

Apple & chai spiced and gluten free oats soaked in creamy cashew milk, served cold with fresh strawberry, redcurrant, pumpkin seed, linseed and lemon balm / 6.50

Fig & Pistachio Protein Pancakes | gf, df, ve

Signature vegan protein pancakes, drizzled with salted caramel, vanilla coconut yoghurt, fresh fig, pumpkin seeds, candied pistachio & lemon balm / 10.95


Smoked salmon / 3.00

Avocado / 3.00

Poached eggs / 2.00

Homemade beans / 2.00


Teriyaki Steak & Black Rice | gf, df, s, soy, sulphites

Rump steak, teriyaki, roasted celeriac, garlic and sesame tenderstem, black rice, seasonal leaves, fresh chilli, sesame, spring onion / 16.95

Honey-Garlic Chicken Thighs | gf, df, s

Caramelised chicken thigh, avocado, brown & wild rice, seasonal leaves with radish & courgette, burnt lime, sesame, pomegranate, micro greens / 15.95

Seared Sea Bass & Pine Nut Salsa | gf, df, f, n

Seared sea bass, served with a parsley, olive and pine nut salsa, house salad, courgette ribbons, puy lentils, baby potato, charred lemon, parsley vinaigrette, micro parsley / 15.95

Lentil, Orange & Hummus Salad | gf, df, ve

Puy lentils, baby potato, fresh orange, tender-stem, pomegranate, seasonal leaves, house vinaigrette, garlic-lemon hummus, sesame seeds, micro greens / 12.95

Fragrant Thai Green Curry | gf, df, ve, s, soy

Thai green sauce, chickpea, mushroom, tenderstem, ginger sweet potato, spring onion, fresh chilli, wholegrain rice noodles, micro coriander / 10.95

+ chicken thigh / 3.50

Satay Chickpea Buddha Bowl | gf, df, ve, s, soy

Cucumber ribbons, edamame, black rice, ginger baked sweet potato, watercress, toasted seeds, lemon-maple vinaigrette | Choose Your Protein:

Satay Chickpeas (ve, soy) / 11.95

Teriyaki Steak (s, soy) / 16.95

Smoked Salmon (f) / 13.95

Honey-Garlic Chicken (s) / 15.95



Maple Cinnamon Baked Peaches | gf, df, ve, n

Spiced peaches served with coconut yoghurt, candied pistachios, pistachio powder / 6.95

Toasted Banana Bread | gf, df, ve

Seasonal berries, maple, vanilla coconut yoghurt, fresh strawberry, lemon balm / 6.95

Warm Brownie | gf, df, ve, n

Chopped nuts, dehydrated raspberry, vanilla ice cream / 6.95

*can be made nut free by swapping ice cream for coconut yoghurt & swapping chopped nuts for omega seeds

Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Tart| gf, df, ve, n

Made with coconut milk, vegan chocolate and a roasted nut base. Served with coconut whipped cream, redcurrants, pistachio, lemon balm. / 6.95

Carrot Cinnamon Bake | gf, df, v

Cinnamon, vanilla coconut yoghurt, poppy seeds, lemon balm / 5.95


Salted Caramel Energy Bites | gf, df, ve, n

Date, cashew, coconut, sea salt / 3.50

Cacao-Almond Protein Bites | gf, df, ve, n

Date, almond butter, cacao, gluten free oats, sea salt, vanilla / 3.50

Oat, Pumpkin & Cranberry Cookie | gf, df, ve

Vegan oat breakfast cookies, with cranberry, pumpkin & sunflower seeds / 2.95

Signature Brownie | gf, df, ve

Plant based brownie made with high grade cacao, topped with goji, super-seeds, & vegan chocolate / 4.00


Coffee & Speciality Hot

Espresso / 2.20

Americano / 2.80

Flat White / 3.10

Cappuccino / 3.20

Latte / 3.20

Iced Latte / 3.20

Mocha / 3.75

Hot Chocolate / 3.75

Turmeric Latte / 3.75

beetroot Latte / 3.75

Matcha Latte / 4.00



Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Green, Decaf, Fresh Mint, Fresh Lemon & Honey / 2.75


All served with oat milk unless otherwise specified

Cashew Milk / Coconut Milk / Almond Milk / 0.50

Smoothies & Speciality Cold

Theraputic Green| gf, df, ve
Spirulina, banana, cucumber, ginger, apple, spinach / 5.95

Vitamin Berry | gf, df, ve
Seasonal berries, apple, banana, cucumber, flaxseed / 4.95

Golden Mylk | gf, df, ve
Turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, banana, carrot, coconut milk / 4.95

Beetroot Power | gf, df, ve
Beetroot, banana, organic coconut milk, cacao powder / 5.50

Green Recovery | gf, df, ve, n
Vanilla plant-based protein, apple, spinach, avocado, organic cashew milk / 5.95

Coffee Cacao | gf, df, ve
Double 100% arabica espresso, banana, organic coconut milk, cacao powder / 5.50

Sparkling Berry, Apple + Garden Mint / 3.50 Semi-frozen berries, apple juice, mint + sparkling water

Sparkling Cucumber, Citrus & Wild Herb / 3.50 Lemon, lime, fresh herbs, sparkling water

Fresh Orange Juice / 2.95
Fresh Apple Juice / 2.95
Small Still Water, Sparkling Water / 2.95                 Large Still Water, Sparkling Water / 4.95


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