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£20 for £40 Gift Card


Brand New and Exclusive

50% Off Table Service, Takeaway and Lunch Pass When We Re-Open the Doors.

Our vouchers start at £ for £10, all the way up to £50 for £100 and the proceeds will go towards retaining our team (who you'll be pleased to know are all still with the business and looking forward to their return to work), and towards our continued Marketing and Digital efforts to share recipes, health-focused content and guidance created to aid you as best we can at this time.

You can use your voucher to redeem against our hugely successful Lunch Pass, or on our brand new Plant-Based Meal Packages which will also launch later this year, starting from just £49.99 for a taster package.

The perfect gift for a family member, friend or loved one who values all things health - a gift voucher to use on anything and everything Remedy.

Our gift vouchers will be sent online so there's no post to consider, and will be valid for use from 4 weeks after we open the doors. This is so we have some time to get back on our feet and stabilise ourselves, ensuring those who supported us when we needed it most get the best possible value for their money in the form of seasonal dishes, impeccable service and experience - even better than you've had before.

We really hope you'll support us with this, as it's done with the best intentions to continue to retain our team, produce and share content when it's needed the most, and to give you the best possible return to Remedy when the time comes.