Remedy Lunch Pass


The MOST convenient way to stay healthy when you're living a fast and busy life!

Our newly launched Remedy Lunch Pass is quickly becoming to talk of local business men and women. It's easy to use, great value and highly effective - here's how it works.

Your £49.00 lunch pass gets you 10 meals from our express fridge that you can collect anytime we are open, and in any way that you choose. That's just £4.90 per meal! 

Most of our customers collect 2 x meals per day (one for lunch and one for dinner), to guarantee that they are always eating fresh food that's good for them. 

It's a little bit like meal prep in that your meals are prepared in advance for you, except with our Express Lunch Pass you can collect fresh food daily AND the system is incredibly flexible. If you know you're due to a working lunch or evening meal out, you can simply skip a day and head back with your lunch pass when you're ready to get back to the healthy and high performance you.

Our express meals are all high protein, anti-inflammatory and refined sugar free, guaranteed to help you banish bloating, lean up and maximise your energy. All meals are free from gluten, dairy, wheat and coeliac friendly. We also have plenty of protein rich plant-based options on our menu, so if you're looking to cut down your meat consumption this would be a great place to start.

We'd love to see you EVERY day, but we understand that life gets in the way and you may want to take the weekends off - everyone needs a little flexibility sometimes. We've made sure that you have 90 days to use your pass before it expires, meaning there's no chance of losing out on your meals.

Once you've your Express Lunch Pass runs out, you can top up in store of re-order from our website to keep up your healthy habit.

Just in case you're not already sold...

Our Express Menu changes seasonally, so there'll always be something new and delicious to try - check out a sample menu here.

All meals are sealed in tamperproof packaging for ease of transport and optimal freshness (no inconvenient leaks here).

Once you check out, you'll receive an email with details on how to collect your first meal and pick up your pass. We hope to see you soon!