Staying Healthy with Nutrition Ebook: Devotedly Healthy At Home

Discover 10 of The Remedy Kitchen’s favourite recipes in this quick-win blueprint to staying healthy at home.

The staying healthy with nutrition eBook is a collection of tried and tested guidance, tips and recipes. 'Devotedly Healthy at Home' will guide you with your journey for great overall health and nutrition.

We've included brand new and original content, as well as stunning imagery to inspire your healthy dish presentation when you start cooking from home.

You'll learn our favourite supplementation protocols and why they'll work for you, as well as why we use certain ingredients in our nutritious cooking. You'll also benefit from access to TWO exclusive *limited time* BONUS chapters:

* 5 Plant-Based & Nutritious Smoothie Recipes

* 5 Step Guide to Better Overall Health

Compatible with any iOS device, you can read this staying healthy with nutrition eBook on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Download instantly from both the order page and confirmation email you'll receive.

Written by Katie McIntosh, Creator of Remedy Kitchen, this book is full of passion and motivation for improving health through nutrition. Some of the qualifications/experience that back up the guidance in this staying healthy with nutrition Ebook are:

HSA Detox Specialist & Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutritionist, NLP Practitioner, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Precision Nutrition Level 1, ongoing study of Psychology BSc, and a unparalleled focus on helping others change their health through nutrition. These certifications, coupled with the experience from an ongoing Directorship of Manchester's first & only free-from, devotedly healthy restaurant (The Remedy Kitchen) all connect to create the content you'll find in 'Devotedly Healthy at Home'.

For just £7.99, this unique 50 page staying healthy with nutrition eBook is designed to encourage and empower. Enhance your life for the better from the moment you begin implementing our tried and tested strategies.

Download NOW to gain access to our bonus chapters!